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How do I get a quote?

All quotes are free. Email, or fax a rough sketch of your layout including dimensions to or fax 989 790-3401. You may also call us directly for more information at (989) 790-3250

Do sinks come with your installations?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of sinks or you can provide your own.

What do we do with our old countertops?

As an additional service we can also tear out and dispose of your old countertops.

How long will it take to get a countertop?

We typically average a two to three week turn-around from measure to install.

Is there an addional charge for "L-shaped" pieces?

Several fabricators charge for additional material waste required to produce theses shapes.
– K2 does not charge for “L” shaped pieces.

How many seams will there be?

If a fabricator can keep their material cost down by adding seams, they most likely will do so.K2 eliminates all seams when possble.

Will the grain of the material be running in the same direction?

As basic as this concept is, some fabricators turn a blind eye to this potential eyesore. K2 will fabricate your project to keep the flow of the seams as natural as possible.

Will the seams be "dressed" to minimize chipping and ensure the tightest fit possble?

If this process is not performed during fabrication, it may result in a very noticeable seam. K2 uses a seams system to minimize chipping to ensure the tightest fit possible.

Will the installer use color-matched caulk and tape off the cabinets, walls, and sink?

Very few installers do this causing unsightly caulk lines and noticeable gaps.
K2 uses colored caulk and takes the time to mask off all areas.

Will the underside of overhangs be polished smooth to the touch?

Most fabricators do not incorporate this added attention to detail. K2 polishes any area in which there is an overhang of material.

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